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We carry parts and accessories for all our product lines to keep your system and investment working for years to come. 

We also carry parts and accessories for many competing brands, contact us for more information.

Ring Spouts

For 7 and 15 category liquor control systems.  Available in standard and high-flow.

AndroBar Spouts

Programmable spouts for AndroBar systems.

Spout Inserts

For ring type and AndroBar spouts, available in regular, large and X-large (Patron, 1800, XO) sizes.

Tube & Valve

For ring type and AndroBar spouts in standard and high-flow versions.

Harton Spouts

Programmable spouts for Harton Flexi-Bar and USC Flex-ID systems.  Unique feature; cannot be opened with a magnet.

Harton Mounting Ears

Mounting ears for Harton spouts.  Use with tie-wraps to secure spout to bottle.

Harton Inserts

Inserts available in small, regular, large and X-large sizes.


Spout cover

Protects spouts and guards against fruit flies

Harton Tie Gun

Tie gun for tie-wraps


X-Large Heatshrink

Heat shrink seals for Patron, 1800, Don Julio, XO.

Harton Donut

For use with Flexi-Bar, and Flex-ID liquor control units.

Heatshrink Seals

1000 per box available in regular and large (Azbar) size.

AndroBar & USC Spirit Donut

7 and 15 category donut for use with USC Spirit 2000, 2400, 4000, 4400, 4600 and RFID AndroBar liquor control systems.

Paper 2-part Seals

1000 per box 2-part paper seals for use with most liquor control system spouts.

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