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LEVEL UP - Beer & Wine Counter

Finally a simple and connected device able to count your draft poured. And with the related App, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime! Even when you are away, have complete control of your business.

  • Precision: Counts and monitors dispensed volumes, temperatures and pressure

  • Connected: On-premise or cloud access to your data for analytics

  • Insights: Track sales, technical, inventory and supply performance

  • Autonomous option: With a built-in 4G chip

  • Simplicity : Extremely simple installation and use

Beermax - Control your beer easily

Beermax integrates with your POS system to monitor and authorize beer dispensing in all your point of sales, in real time, remotely.

POS Authorization

Valves are locked until orders are generated at the point of sale. This is the default mode.

No Authorization

Leaves the valves open, where customers can be served before paying. POS interface remains active with a comparative reporting to balance at the end of the day.  Very useful on busy bars.


Drafter - 6-line draft beer dispenser

Save space at your bar with this compact device that can handle up to 6 premix drinks.

Pour several drinks in the same time while reducing your ecological footprint.

You can let your staff work with no control or you can control the entire beverage distribution process from payments to pouring thanks to POS connection.

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