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Liquor dispensing



ANDROBAR - Liquor Control System

AndroBar is a state-of-the-art dispensing device using touch tablet technology. The software application runs on the Android platform, and combined with the liquor dispenser module provides ease of use and visual information about what is being poured.  Over 900 bottle brands can be programmed with unlimited drink recipes.  Everything poured is on someone’s check with the Universal Credit POS interface, or use it Standalone mode with reporting.



Multi-Beverages blends & Cocktails

Small footprint for maximum performance.

With this smart “Chef” at your bar, you can create unlimited mixes and blends by using our cloud-based recipes software. And when your bar will get crowded, you can count on its speed, precision and flow rate that can go up to 450 cocktails per hours. Cheers !

A user interface thought to match the most advanced POS systems. So that your staff can work in a homogenous environment.

And you can go even further by integrating both the POS system with the Manhattan for 100% control.


Vision PX

Design. Extraordinary UX/UI. Connectivity.

Small footprint for maximum performance.

This new design from the Drinkotec team brings to the market unprecedented results when it comes to :

  • Single nozzle with up to 8 different ingredients

  • Precision and repeatability

  • Dispensing touch or touchless

  • Integration of payment systems

  • Cellar and beverage conditions monitoring

The fusion of materials steel, aluminium and wood makes this latest born the perfect fit for most interior architectures

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