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DRINKOTEC LEVEL UP - Beer & Wine Counter

Finally a simple and connected device able to count your draft poured. And with the related App, you can access your data from anywhere, anytime! Even when you are away, have complete control of your business.

  • Precision: Counts and monitors dispensed volumes, temperatures and pressure

  • Connected: On-premise or cloud access to your data for analytics

  • Insights: Track sales, technical, inventory and supply performance

  • Autonomous option: With a built-in 4G chip

  • Simplicity : Extremely simple installation and use

HARTON TOR-COM - Draft Control

The Harton Tor-Com can control the dispensing of draft beer, wine, soft drinks, and almost any other type of drink dispensed at your bar.  Thousands have been installed world wide in almost all hospitality venues from restaurants and bars to hotels and casinos.



Complete control of your draft beer dispensing system controlling every ounce that comes out of every keg.  Unlimited number of lines can be controlled without changing the look of your bar, no portion buttons required.  Complete integration to your POS system so what you order is what is poured.

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